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For global development of foreign-owned IT firms, promptly starting up businesses in each country can be called one of the most important tasks toward corporate growth.
Strategic Partnership Development by CINQTUM supports the development of the best partners that are essential for our clients' strategies in the Japanese market, ensuring that mid-to-long-term business partnerships are secured.

Our clients utilize these services for the following cases in particular.

a.) Evaluating future expansion into Japan
b.) Already expanded into Japan, but struggling with starting up the business and developing partners
c.) Expanded into Japan and formed partnerships, but considering reevaluating and enhancing the partnerships

These services were created in order to resolve the following issues that frequently come up when starting up or relaunching a business.

[Issues that we aim to resolve through these services]
Have not come across a partner that can be highly involved in client segmenting, targeting, and positioning

A partner has been selected, but action plans cannot be formulated due to a lack of understanding of key personnel and decision-making processes

Action items, points to be checked, and checklists cannot be thought out or organized in the process of formulating action plans

Strategic Partnership Development by CINQTUM is built on a framework involving the 3C's model and value proposition and starts with understanding the strengths and strategies of our clients.

Based on this mutual understanding, our company's consultants, who have a wealth of experience in foreign-owned IT firms, use white space analysis and STP to formulate a partnership development plan and bring it into action.

[Menu of support items for these services]
1. Thorough investigation and feedback on the domestic market corresponding to the client's products and services
2. Proposal of appropriate partner candidates
3. Setting up opportunities to meet and speak with candidates
4. Examining and clarifying contractual tasks
5. Continuous follow-up services

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