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CINQTUM’s inside sales are an outsourcing service offering continuous domestic Japanese sales growth founded on seamless cooperation with our clients’ sales divisions, reducing time and labor investment.


Unlike typical telemarketing and inside sales, our service specializes in solving the issues encountered by Japanese regional managers and marketing personnel of global firms. Our previous investigations have revealed the following issues to be shared by many of clients.

In order to solve such problems, CINQTUM’s inside sales possess the following four characteristics.


Foreign tech specialist firms

All of our staff handling your company will possess specialist knowledge of your technological field, and a background that enables them to relate to potential clients. For example, one of our staff gained experience introducing largescale solutions at domestic firm SIer before working as an infrastructure installation specialist at a foreign financial organization. Another member of staff gained rich experience of PMO responsibilities at a major IT firm before going on to become a high performer at a foreign vendor.

In order to deliver maximum client satisfaction, we respond quickly to changes through dialogue with clients. For example, though our company also makes use of call scripts and scenarios, as operations progress, we constantly monitor the details of events and the responses of those we call, and are ready to quickly and repeatedly improve our scripts, get feedback, and repeat the process. We are thus able to ensure that communication with potential clients proceeds smoothly, and that we are able to discover problems shared by many clients.



While finding immediate clients and procuring appointments is of course highly valuable, listening to the circumstances of potential clients and discovering issues in order to create future clients is extremely important to nurturing relationships. Each member of our specialist team assigned to your company will be trained and well-practiced in frameworks such as SPIN and BANTC/CHAMPC, enabling them to gather many insights from their communications with your potential clients.


Emphasis on client profiling


Bilingual support

The duties of country managers and marketers at foreign IT firms cover a wide range of fields, a large amount of their time each day being eaten up by communication with personnel. We provide standardized English-language reporting on a weekly and monthly basis, all the way until the final report. By also offering the participation of our staff in teleconferencing with Japanese and/or APAC personnel, we can also greatly reduce your staff’s load and stress in the event that detailed reports are requested.


American cybersecurity company A

Using profiling technology based on CINQTUM’s original Japanese CHAMPC framework, we contributed towards a 220% year-on-year increase in lead generation, gaining their customers' critical insight, and leaded to the creation of a continuous pipeline.

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Examples of operations implemented






Problem analysis  


scope of requirements

Advanced preparations





Regular reports & reviews

-Client business strategy -Market/major clients



-Establishment of critical


-Establishment of KGI/KPI

-Establishment of 

  requirements for profiling

-Data cleansing

-Creation of call


-Execution of  call


  for identify sales

  opportunities and

  customer insight

-Daily and weekly reports -Teleconferencing as


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