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The procurement of high-quality leads is the first step towards attainment of sales goals. However, the path there can be a bumpy road.


For example, have you experienced any of the following?


a) Complicated messaging that is prone to result in mismatches

• Overseas localizations of content spearheaded by head office.

• Discrepancies between the appeal value of your company’s products/services and demand in the Japanese marketplace.

• Complicated exchanges with localizers who lack sufficient IT industry literacy and experience.


b) Unoptimized, time-consuming operations

• Inability to sufficiently implement marketing strategies due to a lack of domestic Japanese staff.

• Inability to procure leads to complete the process and proceed to the next stage.

• Leads including many competing companies and non-targeted customers.

CINQTUM’s demand generation support service aims to provide end-to-end optimization of our clients’ marketing funnels, devising and implementing a plan to deliver a large number of high-quality leads.


Beginning by establishing a deep understanding of the client’s strengths and value proposition, we utilize a variety of frameworks, including 3C analysis, to offer analysis from a variety of perspectives, investigating and proposing an approach designed to best resonate with the market and your target client base.


In addition to investigating all media channels and proposing an approach that takes into account lead generation and nurturing, and the attributes and funnel status of your clients, we conduct branding optimization and production of marketing collateral to increase engagement.



・Marketing Automation            


・Web / Landing Page          

・Case Study

・Email Marketing             

・Printed Ads

・Event Management
・Public Relations

As this service is the first step in the subsequent processes of lead qualification and marketing, it is designed and executed while always bearing in mind how it connects to those processes, and thus how it results in creation of the high-quality sales qualified leads that are the source of sales.


CINQTUM employs staff with international IT industry experience on both sides of the sales and marketing equation, minimizing the chance of clients backing out of deals and enabling us to deliver analysis, planning and execution from the same point of view as our clients.

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